A Will is a Good Investment

Many people don’t do their Last Will & Testament because they think it is an expense they will never personally benefit from.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

No one wants to think about it.  No one likes to talk about it.  But, it isn’t something that can be avoided forever. 

One day (many, many years from now we hope) you and your loved ones will have to face the question of what is going to happen when you are no longer here.  Who is going to get the house? Do my loved ones know my wishes about my funeral and cremation?  Will they fight about who’s in charge and how things should be settled?  What kinds of legal and financial burdens are my family going to face?    And, most importantly…who will take care of my children?

We wait to think about it because we don’t want to face it, but there is a simple way to find peace of mind – get a will.  

Allow yourself to think about uncomfortable things for a short time, so that you won’t have to talk about them or think about them anymore.   Put your decisions in a single source so your family won’t have to wonder what to do.   Make a will with a professional now so that you don’t have to worry what’s going to happen to them if something happens to you.