The basic will package includes:

​ Last Will and Testament, including:

        -   Designation of Executor/Executrix

        -   Distribution of Real and Personal property

        -   Distribution of specific possessions, such as art, jewelry, car, etc. that are to be given to a named  beneficiary

        -   Designation of Guardian of Minors - names individual(s) you want to be given legal authority to care for your minor children 

         -  Special requests such as provisions to care for pets, donations to charity and preferences for final arrangements such as funeral or


Durable Power of Attorney for Finances - grants specific powers to the person(s) of your choice that will allow them to manage your finances for you in the event that you are incapacitated.  These powers are in effect only if you are unable to care for yourself and are revoked when you recover. 

Medical Power of Attorney  - Allows specifically designated person(s) to make important medical decisions for you if you are incapacitated and not able to make them for yourself.  These powers are in effect only if you are unable to care for yourself and are revoked when you recover. 

Advanced Directive -   Provides doctors, courts and loved ones with a clear statement regarding your preferences for end of life care.  


Frequently Asked Questions:

Do both the husband and wife need separate Wills or can they do one together?

 - Each individual needs their own personal documents.  No matter how much you share together, each person has their own legal estate and will face life changes and death independently of one another.


Can I opt to do only the Last Will and Testatment?

You can opt to only do the Last Will and Testament, but remember that all documents are included in the package and all serve to help provide you with legal protection and assistance for various possibilities.  While the Last Will and Testament provides legal support when someone dies, the other documents provide legal remedies to deal with difficult situations that may arise if the person is incapacitated during their life.



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